2006 to Present

As a 3rd generation member  of my family, I dreamed of a company that our suppliers, teammates, customers and my children would be proud of. With ethical values to be beneficial to society and respectful to the environment, Trio applies a flexible and adaptable approach with an endless motivation for development and produces at international standards using technology to the fullest in order to strenghten our presence in the sector for 15 years. I would like to thank all the team members of Trio and our stakeholders in the sector who supports us through this path.




We develop sustainable fabrics and washing methods according to the demands of our customers by blending industry innovations that we closely follow.


Sampling team is experienced in working with a wide range of fabrics which brings us diversification on garments.


Cut pieces are individually controlled and defected pieces are seperated to reduce the defect rates which may ocur at the end of production


We have a flexible production structure with our in-house and sub-contracted sewing facilities. Our QC experts closely tracks in-line production and quality control steps according to different requirements of fabrics and models. 


We choose our wet process partners according to sustainability criterias and try to adapt all innovations together to contribute to the EIM scores of the industry. Besides being sustainable, our wash technicians are avare of the denim touch and experienced to execute delicate details for a perfect garment.


Products are controlled by our QC experts according to AQL reporting technique


We strive to leave a better world to new generations by prioritizing our goals and designing our processes, based on pillars of sustainability.

Quality control

End User Satisfaction

Building the quality of the products on the experience and brand love experienced by the end user, Tiro conducts strict quality control studies with AQL reporting technique at every stage of the entire production line, with experienced staff and technology, and improves its quality control system every day.


Environment Friendly Production

Green environment and minimum carbon footprint of our company with the work undertaken on the subject, have shaped the extent of the production of beneficial schemes and will serve as an example of Turkey in this direction took place between the companies. With this understanding, Trio, addressing the issue of zero waste at all stages of production, has also developed production systems at the point of sustainability of quality.





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With over 22 years of fashion experience, Trio focuses on quality and sustainability as a flexible, solution-oriented and innovative denim production company.



Cebeci Mahallesi, Atatürk Bulvarı, No:123-125A, 34270, Sultangazi, İstanbul, Türkiye


Phone: +90 212 668 57 75

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Mail: info@triotekstil.com.tr